College Scholarship Workshop: Learn some more

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." -- Walt Disney

At this point in the workshop, you have come incredibly far in the college scholarship process. You are likely tired and frustrated (but that's normal) so take breaks and make sure to remain positive. Don't get lost in the details of the process and focus on the big picture.

The work you have put in and are still putting in will pay off in the end. And you'll learn a thing or two during the process that will apply elsewhere in life :). 

In the last part of the workshop (Part 3, Day 2), you created a list of resources personalized to your own needs/goals. Now it's time to utilize them to get to Point B.  And Point B is where the money is located (pretty important to the scholarship process). 

Goal: Locate the money

Step One: Filter your resources

Go through your list of resources and focus on what each on provides. You should have created a separate column specifically for this purpose. 

Determine which resources show you where the money is located (ex. specific scholarships). Put these resources on a separate list to keep you focused. You can think of this list as your treasure map :). 

Step Two: Use your resources

A list won’t get you anywhere so now it’s time to actually use the resources on your list. Go through each resource you just selected and find out which college scholarships are available to you. 

Remember to stay focused on the goal: find college scholarships for you. Don’t get distracted. Go through each resource separately and don't try to do it all at once. 

Step Three: My College Scholarships

While you go through each resource, keep a list of college scholarships you find. After you review all of your resources, you will have a list of college scholarships just for you. 

Step Four: Take a huge sigh of relief. 

You've completed one of the most important parts of this entire process. You certainly didn't take the easy way out. You haven’t pulled a list out of a book or printed out your google search results, you’ve created your own personalized list. You are on your way to success! 

Coming up next week:

Part 4: The Application Process 

Best wishes,



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