College Scholarship Workshop Part Two: The Good, The Bad, and The Road to Success

The Good, The Bad, and The Road to Success
"The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking." - Albert Einstein     
"No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking." - Voltaire

In part one, you did a lot of thinking about “college” in general. Okay, so you decided, “I want to go to college.” 

Give yourself credit that is a big step-- you have actively taken control and made a powerful decision. Now what? Do you have some doubt filling your thoughts? I often hear, “I really want to go to college, BUT I can’t afford it.” In this part of the workshop, we are going to focus on the outcome of your decision (wanting to go to college). By focusing on this outcome, we will look at positive and negative factors that cloud your mind and determine your road to success! 

Fill in the blank. I want to go to college, but ____________. 

When you think about “going to college” or “sending your child to college,” you are likely bombarded by thoughts: positive and negative. And you probably avoid recognizing these negative thoughts (I definitely find myself doing this!). Who wants to spend time thinking about adversities? But by not recognizing these thoughts, you are actually giving them more power against you. They sit beneath your consciousness and are ready at any moment to weaken you. 

However, you have the power to recognize these thoughts and stop them in their tracks. Lets get started! 

Step One: Read this powerful article.

Negativity: Don’t Even Think of It

With practice, you can learn to recognize your repetitive and negative thoughts. And keep them from becoming all-consuming. (Article from Psychology Today, by Kathleen McGowan)

Step Two: Record your thoughts (good & bad) 

Sit down and think about “going to college.” What thoughts come to mind? Record them on a piece of paper (all of them). Don’t judge your thoughts -- we’ll look at them later. All you need to do is be aware of the thoughts that come to mind and jot them down. You don’t need to set aside time to do this. Take a piece of paper with you and jot them down as they come to mind. Do what works best for you. You will notice when you begin to recognize your thoughts and put them onto paper, you will start to feel lighter and less of a burden. And don't forget to write down the positive thoughts that come to mind as well (not just the negative)!

Take these actions and you are on your way to success! Congratulate yourself on getting to this point. You are doing a terrific job! 

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Tomorrow (Friday, July 25): Sunday Scholarship Surprise Winners Announced & Another Surprise! Stay tuned :) 

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