College Scholarship Process - From A to Z for Young Adult Cancer Survivors

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College Scholarship Process-- From A to Z for Young Adult Cancer Survivors

I got engaged almost one month ago! I am so excited about this next phase in my life, but I’m also completely terrified and overwhelmed. It is a wonderful time in life... and yet I feel like I missed out on Wedding 101 in college! The engagement/wedding process is a complete sub-culture that is unknown territory for me. I have visited all the popular websites and even read a couple magazines. It’s a field full of experts and brides that seem to know everything from A to Z. Except me! 

Going to college is another wonderful time in life that should fill anyone with great pride and happiness; yet, all the details that go into the college application and scholarship process are overwhelming (much like a four year wedding). I have been working with students (young adult cancer survivors in particular) for over five years facing financial barriers of college so I know this process pretty well. Yet, I often forget that each year, there is a whole new class of students that face this process for the first time (at point A). And it’s absolutely terrifying. There could be a zillion dollars out there, but just the process of applying for scholarships is scary and complicated. Where to start? What to do first, second? Of course, there is no perfect formula, but as someone who has been through the process -- I want to help! I want to provide that point A help that you so desperately need. I knew this prior to getting engaged, but being thrown into this strange world has really affirmed what I was feeling: there are a ton of resources and experts; however, the navigation of these resources is enough to scare someone from not attempting to tap into them. 

What I want to do is guide you through this process (and then with your help) -- guide the next class and the next through this process as well-- and as a result-- decrease your feeling of isolation. It’s a maze-- but one that can be navigated with great success. So tell that voice that is screaming-- “hey.. what about me-- help me”... that help has arrived and you will be given the tools to start and end strong in your college scholarship process. 

Here is my plan (which we can update as we go along-- and please do ask questions-- I promise to answer each and everyone)... now lets get started! It’s never too late or too early to start. 

College Scholarship Process: From A to Z for Young Adult Cancer Survivors

Part One: Decision Making (You are in Power)

Part Two: The Good, The Bad, and The Road to Success

Part Three: Learn, Learn, and Learn some More!

Part Four: Application Process

Part Five: Waiting + Scholarship Decisions... Then What? 

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