College Scholarship Workshop: What is my Role? -- For Parents

"There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings." Hodding Carter, Jr.

Something you likely don’t want to hear: You create your OWN role(s). Some parents take on all the pressure of getting their child to college -- some parents are not involved at all. My recommendation: be an active participant in the process, but don’t do it all yourself. The guilt alone of feeling like you are letting down your child is enough to crush any parent. Work with your child so it’s a group project and no one is holding all the responsibility. It’s a great family experience and learning process for kids and parents. 

And right now you’re probably thinking, “yeah... okay... just tell me what I need to do... my child has been through enough... I couldn’t put something else on her plate.” And those thoughts are completely natural-- thoughts most parents in your position feel; however, the college transition is important for a young adult’s sense of autonomy and identity. All of the parts leading up to it are like baby steps that ease the transition. While going through cancer, many kids are left with very few decisions of their own and little sense of “normal.” There is nothing more normal than filling out scholarship applications-- think of it as a small pre-college gift :)! 

Some Tips:

1. Include your child in the scholarship process and give him/her responsibility.
2. Remain positive -- you want to model a positive outlook for your child (Remember over $10 billion dollars is available for college funding)
3. You aren't the applicant. Make sure that your child communicates with scholarship programs-- especially smaller programs.

Now, lets turn to a few more resources to get you ready for the scholarship journey. 

Start Here: Advice for the Parents of Scholarship Seekers 

Time for a Quick Laugh & Some Great Tips: Don’t make me turn this car around!!! (8 Things Parents Can Do on the Road to Higher Education) 

One Resource you Cannot Ignore: College Parents of America 

Note: Some of the resources on this site require a fee. I don’t recommend paying for something unless absolutely necessary (try to find a similar option for free). However, the site is full of free resources as well!! Take advantage of those resources. 

Your Final Stop: College Board for Parents 


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