Welcome to the new CCC!

I am so excited to finally say those words!! The entire CCC Team is thrilled to have your support as we launch our transition as an organization. 

Our new website, CCC Scholarships, streamlines the college scholarship process for cancer survivors eager to continue their education at an undergraduate or graduate institution. 

The launch of CCC Scholarships signals the beginning of a really exciting series of programs that we will be launching over the coming months. 

We will be adding content regularly to the site as well as new functionalities so make sure to visit regularly! And as you may well know by now, I love surprises. So be prepared for lots in the near future :). 

We will be fine tuning the blog, but I will begin to post new blogs regularly this coming week. If you have been following the College Scholarship Workshop, I will be presenting part 5 (the final part) over the next two weeks. Be sure to email me if you have any questions. 

Again, welcome!!

Best wishes,


What do you think of our new site? Any comments or suggestions?? Don't be shy -- let us know!


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