exciting news... introducing jamie corder!

I feel extremely honored and blessed to introduce myself as the Executive Director of Carolyn’s Compassionate Children. In both my life and career I have had the opportunity to work, play, laugh and cry with young adult cancer survivors. You have taught me that we must demand increased awareness, research, treatment and quality of life for young adults with cancer. With CCC it is my commitment to carry-on this lesson.

What you have told me both personally and in studies is that after facing the indignity of a cancer-diagnosis in your prime years, you feel lost in the world between pediatric and later-adult oncology. With little access to support groups and post-cancer quality of life care, your population is left alone to navigate the difficult transition into life after cancer. And because your demographic is less likely to have health insurance or high income, you are faced with the difficult decision to postpone or forego a college education.

It is our (CCC) goal to not allow financial barriers to prohibit you from attending college. By allocating funds annually through our college scholarship program, we provide access to education, a vital stepping -stone in the path of a promising future.

Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your journey. I look forward to working with you.

Jamie Corder

Executive Director, CCC

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Carolyn Rubenstein said...

I'm honored to have you lead the CCC Team!! You are an incredible person :).