unfiltered thoughts begin... now

Confession: I’m a recovering perfectionist. It has taken me about a month to post this first blog. Why? I wanted to become an expert blogger. And well, I'm not. I didn't research lots of blogs or learn the cardinal rules of blogging. I put on a little timer and said to myself, write a blog—now! And so.... I am -- real time picture below.
So, here are my unfiltered thoughts for post number one.

1. Who is Carolyn Rubenstein? Two facts (to get us started.. more to come as we get better acquainted) …
Number One: 
I’m 23 years old and graduated one year ago (on Mother’s Day) from Duke with a BA in psychology. I love everything academic and actually miss studying (it’s sad… I know). Fortunately, I get to start studying again in the fall when I begin graduate school at Harvard. I will be a first year PhD student in clinical psychology.

Number Two:
I want to help everyone with everything. Sounds like a positive quality—it’s not! It has taken years for me to realize that it’s not possible to help everyone without feeling a constant sense of guilt. I guess that’s why I’m going into psychology! It is this quality that probably accounts for the reason that I started a non-profit for children with cancer at age 14. It is this non-profit, Carolyn’s Compassionate Children (CCC), that you will be hearing lots about through this blog!

2.  How do I thank a class of middle school students who have blown me away with their generosity?

I received an email out of the blue from Anthony Lamb, a Language Arts teacher at Ramblewood Middle School in Coral Springs, Florida. He writes:

I recently assigned a "Community Project" to one of my classes. The students needed to choose a charitable cause in South Florida and a fun, interesting, and unique way to raise money/awareness for the cause.
The students presented the ideas, then we, as a class, voted on our favorite. We decided to choose CCC as our charitable cause.

The way we are currently raising the money is called "The First Annual Shave-off!" The event pits a teacher versus an administrator. Students have to donate to the person that they would rather see with their head shaved (this event has no ties or relevance to CCC; it was just a unique way to get middle school kids interested).

Wow! I can’t believe what an incredible thing these students have done for CCC. They raised $650! A simple “thank you,” is not going to cut it! Suggestions…? They definitely should have been on Oprah’s show, The Big Give!
My timer just went off!! Wheeew! First blog-- done! 
Some quick thoughts before I submit... exciting news to share tomorrow... and last check -- 190 applicants for CCC's 2008 College Scholarship Program!
Time for YOU to take action.
  • Set your timer for 5, 10, or 15 minutes. 
  • Join CCC on our new MySpace community: www.myspace.com/cccscholarships
  • Ask 5 friends to support the mission of CCC + join the community as well
Thank You!!
Best wishes for health and happiness,


Anonymous said...

this is a great blog post!!! welcome to the blogger community! Such an inspiring person and organization.

Carolyn Rubenstein said...

Thank you so much for commenting!!

adam ellis said...

your boyfriend is cute - good luck with the blog