a look back...8 years ago

Today I spent a large chunk of time going through old computer files. I came across a file with a movie in it from eight years ago. I was 15! It was really strange to see it again after a few years.

It was my first television interview so I was a bit nervous. I had a little microphone attached to my shirt and I was supposed to NOT TOUCH IT! Well, you'll notice I didn't follow that rule too well. And I learned a valuable lesson from the experience, never flip your hair back during an interview. It's a big no no! Of course, I learned this lesson after the fact.

I can't believe it has been eight years since that taping. I feel more passionate about CCC now than ever before. And I was pretty passionate back then. To be honest, I'm proud of myself. I never let go or turned in another direction -- even though I could have at any point. It has been a difficult journey, but I wouldn't change anything. Thank you to everyone who has supported the mission of CCC from day one-- primarily, my family. And thank you to everyone who supports CCC today. Your presence is never forgotten.

Best wishes for health and happiness,

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