behind the ccc team: a trip to sacramento

At CCC, we create detailed plans; however, we are quick to throw out those plans when we see an opportunity to create change. Change is our priority-- and we go the distance to make it happen!

Alex Oden describes a trip he took a couple weeks ago to Sacramento for Leanna Elizalde

It was a Friday afternoon and I was working on CCC's online community when I received an unexpected call from Jamie (CCC's exec director) asking about my plans for that afternoon and next day.  She apologetically asked me if there would be any way that I would be willing to fly out to Sacramento to present a scholarship to a girl named Leanna that night. I excitedly told her yes and frantically packed my things for the two hour drive to Phoenix to catch a flight that would be leaving just as I got there.  I arrived late that night in Sacramento and crashed as soon as my head hit he pillow; I had been awake for nearly 20 hours.

Early the next morning, I went to pick up the massive check and then to Leanna's high school in Woodland, CA.  The wind was so strong that getting out of the car with the huge mock check was nearly impossible.  

I took a seat in the stadium with Leanna’s family, who were incredibly gracious and warm.  When Leanna finally crossed the stage with her fellow classmates, half of the stadium erupted with applause.  After she had time to collect herself her brother brought her over where I presented here with her scholarship in front of three news stations (NONE OF WHICH SHOWED THE VIDEO IN THEIR BROADCAST!), she was in tears.  She and her family were so gracious for what CCC had done for her and I was even more thankful to have been a part of it all.  


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