The gift that keeps on giving

Just the other day I was watching the news and all of the coverage of the Democratic Party’s presidential primaries.

I was amazed at how much money Barack Obama has received (and is still receiving) in contributions for his candidacy. He has raised more money from contributions on his website compared to Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican John McCain.

This got me thinking: Can’t the grassroots campaign approach be applied to CCC as well?

Here’s my idea: click here and just donate $10.00. Then e-mail or call 10 of your friends and ask them to do the same. Then ask them to call 10 more of their friends and so and so on.

Ten dollars isn’t a lot of money. That’s the cost of a couple of lattes during the week or even one eat-out lunch. So skip the latte or lunch just one time this month, donate $10 to the CCC scholarship fund, and tell your friends.

You’ll be giving cancer survivors an opportunity to go to college and boy will it make you feel good. Your donation is tax deductible and the feeling you’ll get for doing something good for someone else is worth a million. 

Let’s see if we can get more donations to the CCC scholarship fund than Barack Obama received for his candidacy (or at least close!). 

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