Simplify Tip 1: What to do about so many helping hands?

Receiving help is wonderful and needed; however, how do you balance + coordinate what you need help with and who will do what? Delegating becomes stressful! 

Here are two easy + free solutions for you. 

- This solution is provided by the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society

A Screen Shot:

From the Website:
"Lotsa Helping Hands is a simple, immediate way for friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to assist loved ones in need. It's an easy-to-use, private calendar, specifically designed for organizing helpers, where everyone can pitch in with meals delivery, rides, and other tasks necessary for life to run smoothly during times of medical crisis, end-of-life caring, or family caregiver exhaustion. It's also a place to keep these 'circles of community' informed with status updates, photo galleries, message boards, and more."

Solution 2: The Aby Garvey Method
Aby Garvey, is an organizing + simplifying genius, who runs Simplify101 with her incredible husband, Jay. It's a wonderful site for anything related to simplifying life! 

I am a paper + pen person and Aby helped me to simplify my delegating process by creating a simple list that I can access at anytime (with or without a computer). 

Keep track of everything with four columns: 

column 1: the task (ex. drive to airport on Friday) 

column 2: who (ex. who is going to help you with this task-- who will drive you to the airport on Friday?) 

column 3: delegation date (ex. when did you ask person X to drive you to the airport OR when would you like to ask person X to drive you to the airport?)

column 4: due date/completion date (ex. the day that person X will be driving you to the airport so you can calendar in to follow up with that person a couple days before)

The great thing about Aby's solution is that it is completely flexible and customizable. Make the columns work for you :).

Both of these solutions centralize all the "little things" so they are not swimming around in your head -- making you constantly think who is going to do x,y,z? 

Has a particular solution worked for you? Share it with us!

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aby said...

Thanks, Carolyn! So glad this system is working for you!!