a childhood cancer survivor story

Recently, I saw this article on the University of Texas in Austin website about Kristy Devine, a childhood cancer survivor. She talks about her feelings when she was diagnosed with cancer and how she is feeling today as a survivor. 

She was only 10-years-old when she learned she had a cancerous tumor growing in the tibia of her left leg. She “equated cancer with death,” but she survived. She experienced hours of surgery and months of chemotherapy, that resulted in hair loss, nausea, anxiety and anger. As an adolescent girl, she struggled mightily with her self-image.

Now as an adult, Kristy knows that she gained strength from the fact that she faced a difficult time in her life as a child. She talks about “stepping stones” to help her get back to a normal life. She now works for Cure Search, an organization helping children with cancer.

Every childhood cancer survivor has a special story to tell. We would love to hear about your story. Tell us how you are doing today. Share with our readers how surviving cancer has changed your emotional outlook on life.

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