Tools to make your life healthier

The Mayo Clinic has great advice on food and nutrition, healthy diets and exercising. Here you’ll find simple steps that can improve your sense of well-being and your quality of life after cancer treatments.

The Mayo Clinic’s advice isn’t new or earth-shattering: by exercising, eating a balanced diet, avoiding tobacco and limiting the amount of alcohol you drink, these strategies have added benefits to your health.

Did you know that a Vegan Diet helps to switch on genes that fight disease, while effectively turning off others that can promote cancer? Recent research shows that a vegan diet consisting primarily of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes supplemented with soy, vitamins and mineral may help the genes in your body reverse progression of certain illnesses.

Also including exercise such as yoga, moderate aerobics or walking for a half an hour a day is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stay away from high red meat, high saturated fat, salt and dairy and don’t be a couch potato! 

photo from Exhale Spa

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