Sunday Scholarships: Grads Get $98 Million Dollars + Finding Money at Last Minute

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By Rena Havner (Alabama Press Register)

"The Mobile County Public School System's Class of 2008 received $98 million worth of college scholarships, a record amount that's more than double what the graduating class received five years ago.

'The kids are working hard to get scholarships, and the counselors are pushing it,' said Becky Elmore, director of counseling services for the school system.

The cost of going to college has risen over the last couple of years, accounting for some of the increase. But, Elmore noted, the number of students receiving scholarships has consistently gone up. Last year, 977 students received at least one scholarship. This year, 1,046 did." -- Continue reading the story by clicking here
By Dave Carptenter (Associated Press)

"....Even with the start of college just weeks away, however, money can still be found for those who don't have all the financial aid they need. One reason is that schools, too, are under extra pressure and working harder to fill their freshman classes this year as students make late switches because of costs. That can work to the advantage of those who have been accepted to their school of choice but are struggling to pay for it. Additional financial aid and scholarship money can be dangled at the eleventh hour as earlier enrollment commitments evaporate — a phenomenon known as the 'summer melt.'" -- Continue reading the story by clicking here

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