Drumroll please.... and the two Scholarship Handbooks go to...

Congratulations to our two lucky winners!! I took photos of Whitney choosing the numbers out of cup so you could see there was no cheating!! 

We labeled the comments with numbers so.... 

#4 is Collegebound12
#8 is y.villela@yahoo.com

The winners should email us their mailing information to: info@cccscholarships.com. 

And the extra surprise, since there were so many people who wanted this book-- we are going to give out another free copy next Friday. Just comment again to this post!! 

Happy Friday :)

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kbrea1626 said...

I would really appreciate this stepping stone to help me start the next chapter of my life. I will be the first one in my family to attend college right after high school. College has always been something that my parents pushed me towards and now it is almost here. It's hard finding help when you are the first one and its hard to understand the steps and processes of successfully acquiring the college experience when there are no footsteps to follow. This book would really help me understand where to find help and give me the information i need to obtain opportunities to finally make it into college.
I would be very grateful to receive this book and opportunity.
Thank you.